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About Us

Driving Social Inclusion for All Abilities in Local Communities

Welcome to The Inclusive Movement! a profit-for-purpose, social enterprise, dedicated to supporting people with disability and communities to overcome barriers to Inclusion.

By providing awareness and capacity building platforms, The Inclusive Movement aims to educate and empower individuals and organisations, promoting community inclusion and positive health and education outcomes.

About us
Photo of a mum and her two children playing on scooter boards, weaving in and out of cones

Our Story

The Inclusive Movement was founded in January 2020, by Carol Hegan, a mother to two children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Inclusion Advocate and Disability Educator. 


The work of The Inclusive Movement is driven from the barriers that Carol and her children faced regularly when trying to engage in meaningful activities in the community, particularly Education and Sport and Recreation.

Often met with a lack of understanding about disability, lack of resources or simply put - exclusion, this led to a very isolating few years early in our Disability Journey, and sadly, poor Mental Health and Wellbeing outcomes as a family. 

After connecting with other families in similar situations and struggling to gain support locally, Carol continued her studies to better equip herself with the tools and knowledge she needed to educate others and create more opportunities for her children and those alike. 

She has since found a passion for working with individuals and  local community members to provide  capacity building opportunities, and ultimately bridging the gap to inclusion.

Our Goal

An Inclusive society is defined as a society for all, in which every individual has an active role to play. Such a society is based on fundamental values of equity, equality, social justice, and human rights and freedoms, as well as on the principles of tolerance and embracing diversity


Using a service delivery model that is client-centred, holistic and responsive to our clients and community needs we provide a wrap around support service that not only builds the capacity of the individuals but also their wider, informal and mainstream support systems – including carers, schools and community groups- challenging current systems in place, providing latest evidence based training and education, and driving a social change that promotes inclusion for all.

The Inclusive Movement Team offers the comprehensive capabilities, lived experience and local community knowledge necessary to help you problem solve the most complex issues and remove individual barriers.


Our Goal is simple - Inclusion for all!

The success of The Inclusive Movement initiative is guided by the following key principles

1. Full & Effective participation and Inclusion of people with disability, and their families, in Society

2. Respect for difference and acceptance of individual autonomy of people with disability, including the freedom to make ones own choices

3. Respect for the evolving capacities of children with disabilites and respect for them to preserve their identities

4. Inclusive development makes use of the strengths and potential of people with disabilities as partners & contributors to programs - not solely as beneficiaries

5. Disability is Diversity. Inclusion of people with disabilities is fundamental to enacting a commitment to diversity. 

6. Equality of opportunity

Our Mission, Vison, Values

Our Mission

To provide person centered education and support services to individuals and/or organisations that promotes inclusion and positive community outcomes

Our Vision

Inclusion for All Abilities

Our Values






Measurements of Success

  • Increased Community Engagement

  • Increased Community awareness of Disability & Inclusion

  • Increased Social & Community Participation of people with Disability

  • Increased capacity of people with disability and their family

  • Improved Health & Wellbeing of people with disability & their families

Photo of a mum and her son jumping on a trampoline

What is Profit-for Purpose?

“Profit for Purpose” business is ‘led by a mission to achieve social, community and environmental benefit through trading and by channeling a portion of their profits toward their mission.’

The Inclusive Movement model is based upon two foundations- a Human Rights framework and Community. 

We know that many volunteer hours go into creating safe and inclusive spaces, and as part of our mission to build up inclusive communities, we contribute a percentage of our organisation profits and resources back into local communities to support our local families, community groups and sporting clubs.

Our team also engages in regular fundraising initiatives to promote disability awareness and contribute towards other charity initiatives.

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