About Us

Committed to Creating Change

Inclusive Services WA is a profit-for-purpose small business located in Karratha, WA, dedicated to supporting people with disability and communities to overcome barriers to Inclusion.

A family owned and operated model led by Director, Carol Hegan- Inclusion advocate, Disability and Developmental educator, PT with a special interest in Childrens Movement, and Mother of two amazing, special children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Inclusive Services WA uses both industry knowledge and lived experience to provide direct supports to individuals and organisational initiatives, to empower people with disability and create inclusive community spaces.

By providing education and building platforms where people with disability have a voice, Inclusive Services WA aims to create conversations and address barriers in the community so that ALL individuals have the opportunity to access and engage in activities that fulfill them.

We support our clients and families to take the first step, by identifying what is important to them most and forming pathways to achieve their goals. 

Through Capacity building projects, Support Coordination and Consultancy, we aim to bridge the gap in community services and work together to create a world that is move Inclusive!

Inclusive offers the comprehensive capabilities, lived experience and local community knowledge necessary to help you problem solve the most complex issues and remove individual barriers.


We are committed to reshaping the disability sector and removing the stigma often associated with many disability. With a positive approach, together we can continue to build awareness and education in our communities.


Want to experience the expertise of Inclusive for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do together.


What is Profit-for-Purpose?

“Profit for Purpose” business is ‘led by a mission to achieve social, community and environmental benefit through trading and by channeling a portion of their profits toward their mission.’

At Inclusive Services WA, our service delivery is based upon two foundations- a Human Rights framework and Community

We know that many volunteer hours go into creating a safe and inclusive community and as part of our mission to building up inclusive communities, we contribute a percentage of our organisation profits and resources to support our local families, community groups and sporting clubs. 



Inclusion for All Abilities.


To provide person centered education and support services to individuals and/or organisations that promotes inclusion and positive community outcomes 




We act with Integrity and Honesty


We listen proactively and show Respect


We are Innovative and solution focused


We work together to achieve positive outcomes



Inclusive Services WA is family owned and operated with a team of individuals with both Professional and Lived experience with disability.