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Personal Supports

The Inclusive Movement provides a range of Personal Capacity Building Supports designed to support individuals to develop their skills,  enabling them to build their independence, improve their health & wellbeing, manage their supports, participate in activities that fulfil them and/or access their community.
These services are fundable under your NDIS Plan, or privately. 

Early Childhood & Therapeutic Supports

Our Therapeutic team consists of a Developmental Educator & Counsellor who may assist you or your loved one with

  • Improving physical and emotional well-being 

  • Undertaking developmental and functional behavioural assessments

  • Developing and implementing positive behaviour support programs (Currently registered and contracted on behalf of Best Care Agency)

  • Teaching functional life skills including social, communication, self-care, daily living, recreation, and employment

  • Providing case management, specialist support coordination

  • Assisting to set and attain individual goals

  • Support to transition to, access and maintain meaningful vocational experiences

  • understanding the disability and impact on a person’s daily functioning

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Sign Language

Peer Mentoring

Our Peer Mentors aim to be a positive role model and provide guidance and support in the areas that are most important to you.


What services do Peer Mentors provide?


Peer Mentors provide individual & family assistance and support for the following areas:


  • Understanding your diagnosis

  • Accessing your community

  • Companionship

  • Accessing your workplace

  • Continuing your education

  • Developing daily living skills

  • Setting and achieving meaningful and realistic goals

  • Expanding your self care abilities

  • Identifying new interests and expanding your social circle

  • choosing and accessing your supports

What Our Clients Say

Personal Training

Personal Trainers offer a range of services and assessments that supports your

  • Health & Wellbeing awareness and education

  • Weight Gain/Loss

  • Increased Strength & Mobility

  • Increased Range of Motion

  • Gross & Fine Motor Skills

  • Improved Balance & Coordination

  • Social & Community Participation


Services include the prescription of tailored exercise programs, promoting leisure-time and incidental activity, and results monitoring. This will include an assessment to ensure the activity is safe, effective and likely to be maintained in the long term.

Our Personal Training sessions may occur in the comfort of your own home, at your local gym, in our private studio or in the community.


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Teacher and Student

Support Coordination - Level 2 & 3

Empowering individuals to manage their NDIS supports.

When it comes to navigating and coordinating your disability supports, the most important person in every NDIS plan is you. That’s why we work with you one-to-one to achieve your NDIS goals.

We focus on coordinating your network of supports, planning for your future needs, and support you with anything unexpected along the way. This may include:

  • Understanding your NDIS plan, with a focus on creativity, flexibility and value for money.

  • Working with you to set up service agreements with your NDIS providers.

  • Making sure your disability supports are working well for you and resolving any issues.

  • Connecting you with other providers such as early learning services or schools, health providers, government departments, accommodation services and employers.

  • Developing your informal or community connections to enhance your support network.

  • Building your skills and confidence, so you can coordinate your supports in future.

We have had years of experience is navigating the NDIS (and it's changes) and gaining positive outcomes for our families. 


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