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We provide a range of education and training opportunities in the Disability and Inclusion sector. 

Education and Training

We are passionate about educating our community. Our team provides a range of training opportunities and educational workshops for professionals, educators and carers/guardians. 

Some of our popular topics are
- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Introduction to Disability & Community Inclusion 
- Understanding the NDIS
- Sensory Processing
- Inclusion in the classroom 
- Principles of Inclusion

- Advocating for a loved one

We can also tailor a training unique to your workplace, whether it is implementing inclusive practices, onboarding new staff or upskilling in specific areas. 

We also offer a number of well known training programs for carers including

- Circle of Security

- Self-Reg

- Triple P, Stepping Stones

Training can be delivered face to face across the Pilbara, or online.

For Parents/Carers, some of our training sessions may be fundable under your childs NDIS plans, we recommend talking with your support coordinator. 

Contact us to see how we can help, or choose from one of our upcoming events.

Have more questions?

Contact us to see if one of our trainings will meet your needs

0447 504 509

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