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The Inclusive Movement

Join the Social Movement towards Inclusion in your Local Community!

We are looking for local Community Champions to partner with us to create real change at a community level. 

#TheInclusiveMovement Initiative encourages local people in local communities to get involved, spread awareness, educate and make small changes towards removing barriers to Inclusion, to improve social and community participation, and ultimately positive health outcomes for people with disability.  

How you get involved may look like

  • Participating in Disability & Inclusion Education and/or Training

  • Creating a Disability Access and Inclusion plan for your School, Organisation or Community Group

  • Creating Volunter/Work opportunities for People with Disability in you workplace, organisation or community group

  • Hosting a Come and Try day

  • Involving people with disability in the planning of your next event

  • Creating an all abilities event or program

  • Improving accessibility in your facilities

  • Improving your processes so that they are more accessible, eg. hosting a quiet hour for registration day OR providing alternative registration options (online/ in person/ written/ computer)

  • Invest in assistive technology or modified equipment

  • Sharing stories of local people and local champions in your community

Why get involved? 
Because "Alone we can make a difference, but together, we can change the world" 

Because Social Inclusion not only benefits the individual and their family, but over time has a profound impact in improving overall health outcomes, employment rates, financial contributions and more in local communities. 

And Because - one small act of kindness, can change someones whole world. 

Why Register? 

  • Access to mentoring and community network​

  • Access to resources to support your Inclusive Project

  • List your project/organisation/group on our Inclusive Directory

  • FREE Inclusion assessment of your project to receive our "Inclusive Project" Stamp of approval

  • Streamlined application process to our Community Investment Fund

Let's Work together

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