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How can I use my CB: Social and Community Participation funding in my NDIS plan?

Frequently Asked Support Coordination Questions #1

We’ve put together just a few ways you can use your CB Social and Community participation funding in line with the NDIS guidelines:

1. Accessing community facilities: Use your funding to purchase supports that allow you to access community centers, libraries, swimming pools, or recreational facilities that are inclusive and accessible.

2. Participating in social and recreational activities: Use your funding to join social or hobby clubs, attend community events, participate in group outings or excursions, or engage in activities that promote social inclusion.

3. Developing life skills: Use your funding to attend skill-building programs or workshops that help you develop social, communication, or independence skills.

4. Volunteering: Use your funding to support your involvement in volunteering opportunities that align with your interests

5. Accessing training and education: Use your funding to participate in training programs or courses that enhance your knowledge and skills in social and community areas

6. Building relationships and connections: Use your funding for activities that promote building social connections, such as joining support groups, attending social events, or engaging in peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities.

7. Assistance with attending appointments: Use your funding for transport or support worker assistance to attend appointments, or other community-based activities.

8. Learning about local community services: Use your funding to engage in community orientation sessions or workshops that help you understand and access local community services and resources.

9. Participating in community-based projects: Use your funding to contribute to community-based projects or initiatives that align with your interests

10. Engaging in cultural activities: Use your funding to participate in cultural events, festivals, or workshops that celebrate diversity and promote cultural understanding and appreciation.

For additional ideas and specific recommendations for your ndis goals, we recommend chatting to your support coordinator

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